Mint Management Group


Answers to your frequently asked questions

Typically, we can rent your home within 30 to 45 days of it being listed. When the property is priced correctly and the condition is very good, it will usually rent in approximately 21 days. Our strategic marketing plan and aggressive advertising includes the MLS, which puts your property in front of over 3,000 agents. When your property shows well, it won’t take long to find a well- qualified tenant.

From the tenants we place into rental units, our eviction rate is less than 1%.

Absolutley, on your portal you’ll see paid and unpaid invoices. They are usually itemized so you can see what was charged for parts, labor, etc. You can also access your 1099, income and expense reports, and other information from your general ledger.

We are happy to say our vacancy rate is less than 5%.

Our state of the art software allows you to log onto your owner portal at any time to access reports to help you stay organized and feel informed about your property’s financial performance. You can even see incoming rent, outgoing expenses, and any pending invoices. You can access this information whenever you want it. You no longer have to wait around for a monthly statement.

Yes, we will inspect your property every 6 months. The purpose is to make sure it’s being cared for by the tenant, to ensure there aren’t any lease violations, and to look for any maintenance or repair items that need attention. We do an inspection before a tenant moves in and record a video tour of the property. We also take photos of all our inspections for documentation purposes.