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What we do

MintFinder gives you the ability to show personalized product recommendations to your visitors as they shop. MintFinder watches and learns the behavioral patterns of your customers and suggests additional items for their consideration in real-time. The recommended items are carefully chosen from your catalog based on the purchase history and click stream data of the individual shopper. By recommending products that a shopper is more likely to purchase, you will see an improvement in conversion rates and average order size. If you already have merchandising recommendations on your site, Mintfinder can work with you to improve their ability to drive sales. MintFinder personalized recommendations can increase your sales revenue by 10-20% or more.
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How we do it

MintFinder has developed a proprietary behavioral modeling platform that leverages a library of algorithms to model consumer behavior in real time. MintFinder utilizes all sources of available customer data – order history, click stream history, product catalogs and meta data to construct the recommendation sets. The recommendations can then be displayed to your customers in two ways: on-site, as they shop, or off-site, via personalized emails. The revenue lift produced by MintFinder recommendations can be verified by your existing website analytics. Although the MintFinder modeling engine is complex, implementation of our service is simple. Most implementations can be completed in 2-3 days.
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Who we are

Our background and experience as online retailers makes us acutely aware of the day-to-day challenges of marketing to your customers. We know that there are always a lot of on-going projects, so at MintFinder, we minimize the work necessary to implement our service, and let you focus on other projects. We know how important it is to partner with companies you can trust. We are happy to let you try our service for free so that you can better witness the direct sale benefit we offer. Our approach has helped a broad base of online retailers maximize the potential of their websites. Let us help you. Learn more

What makes us different?

Every customer and every business is unique. MintFinder partners with you to personalize our service to your specific business and customer base. We develop a unique consumer behavior model for every one of our clients, which maximizes the revenue lift. Our unique selling proposition is our combination of robust technology and industry-leading value. We offer you the chance to evaluate our service through a free, no-obligation trial and prove our performance through an A/B test. Implementing MintFinder does not require the purchase of any hardware or software, nor the payment of any fees. The revenue impact provided by MintFinder is unrivaled on a cost basis. Let us show you how.
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