What we do

Get shoppers to buy more, and more often

MintFinder enables you to maximize the revenue potential of your website. Most internet retailers have conversion rates below 5%. Converting the remaining 95% of your audience presents a tremendous opportunity. Our primary goal in delivering personalized recommendations is to turn browsers into buyers. MintFinder’s personalized product recommendations leverage natural cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to increase both conversion rate and average order size. MintFinder recommendations are more effective at selling items to your visitors than generic merchandising recommendations. The ability to suggest products to your visitors that are more appropriate to their individual interests enables MintFinder to increase your overall sales.

We seek to enhance your online sales strategy

Your website may already display product recommendations, which is a great first step. We build upon and improve your current approach. MintFinder recommendations are more than just generic merchandising recommendations based on best sellers or specials. MintFinder takes product sales to the next level by personalizing the shopping experience to each individual user. MintFinder will give you more advanced functionality with minimal effort. MintFinder recommendations can be used in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, your existing recommendations.

Make shopping easier

MintFinder allows brand neophytes to explore and learn about your products more quickly, while giving brand loyalists and category experts greater exposure to other relevant products. This increases the probability that a first-time visitor makes a purchase and that a return visitor makes additional purchases. As a result, shopper frustration and website abandonment decrease and your revenue per visitor (RPV) increases.

What makes us different?

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