What makes us different?

Value leader

MintFinder offers premier technology with performance-based pricing, to give you value that has no equal. Our pricing guarantee is simple; MintFinder will provide better results than competitors at the same price, or equal results at a lower price. How do we live by our guarantee?

We’ll go head-to-head with any other recommendation engine

As explained earlier, the A/B split test proves the efficacy of MintFinder recommendations against recommendations that are currently displayed on your site, if any. If you display your own, home-grown, recommendations already, we can set-up an A/B split test between them and MintFinder recommendations. The free trial period includes this test at no cost to you. MintFinder-generated recommendations will display to half of your audience, and your home-grown recommendations will be displayed to the other half. If you are planning to evaluate other providers of recommendations, the test can be set-up to run MintFinder recommendations against them in the same way. Pit MintFinder generated recommendations against whomever or whatever you wish. MintFinder is up for the challenge.

How are MintFinder recommendations different?

Most in-house recommendations are based on pre-set merchandising rules, which inherently limit efficacy because all web site visitors see the same recommendation sets. MintFinder recommendations are generated by continually optimizing a combinatorial prediction model that generates recommendations personalized for individual shoppers. Real-time data analysis allows MintFinder to watch, learn and deliver targeted recommendations to your customers as they browse. Our reporting dashboard allows you to view richly detailed data on user behavior and the impact of recommendations. MintFinder allows you to free-up resources spent on developing and refining in-house recommendations – let us do the work for you.

Client focused recommendations

Every customer and every business is unique. Your website needs a recommendation engine that identifies the unique customer behavior of your visitors. MintFinder takes the time to analyze your customer base, industry, sector, product line, sales history, product mix, user-interface, and many other factors to create a model specific to your business needs. The creation of a unique model to match your specific business and customer base is necessary to maximize your potential revenue gain.

Risk free

MintFinder wants to partner with you for mutual success. We offer our service on a pay-for-performance basis. If we don’t demonstrate an improvement in your sales, you don’t pay us, period. There are no hidden fees, no setup, no termination, no consulting, no sneaky “gotchas”. We will listen to you, and structure a partnership which makes the most sense for how you operate your business. Contact us for a free, no-obligation, trial of our service.

What makes us different?

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